Addigitale LLC is a digital sales and distribution management company headquartered in Itasca, Illinois. We help our cutomers to sell online in North America.

Through our Digital Service Platform we provide:

  • Multichannel online sales
  • Online Markeplaces management
  • E-commerce store management
  • Online sales & fullfillment service
  • Drop shipping distribution & warehousing services
  • Digital strategy & branding
  • Digital media & adverstising plan
  • Digital¬†trasformation

    online sales

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We offer the possibility to sell through marketplaces such as Amazon, taking advantage of our logistics and distribution platform. Addigitale proposes the development of e-commerce sites, websites and digital marketing to further incentivize sales in the USA.

The digital channel in the USA is increasingly becoming the place where more products are sold and where a direct relationship is established with American customers. All of this presents a great opportunity, but at the same time there is brand exposure that requires careful consideration of what to sell and how the product is presented to potential buyers. Furthermore, online sales and the relationship with large e-commerce sites in the USA must be managed effectively and efficiently through a warehouse and distribution center capable of handling goods imported from Italy and receiving them throughout the American territory.

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